Pick My Brain

Gain the benefit of my expertise in directly contributing to your business need based upon the goals.  Whether to sit in on a meeting, be “on call” throughout a day or a few days, and/or to keep available during a stretch that requires my contributions, working together this way provides complete flexibility while securing access to my brainpower & know-how:

.   25+ sectors

. 100+ consumer products categories

. 300+ brands

. Manufacturing, Corporate Responsibility

. Emerging textiles, electronics, materials

. Sensory sciences, motion capture, vision

. Packaging, fixtures, experiential retail

. Lab-to-market commercialization of IP

In some cases, it’s best that diligence is not completed in advance; for other cases, when required, those advance hours are included.  There are no formal deliverables with these services; you get the immediate contributions in real-time, and if desired, more structured deliverables can be scoped as follow-up.


Fresh Eye

Leverage my expertise as a set of new eyes, an unbiased and unattached perspective on either a work-in-progress, prospective work, and/or recommendations currently in review.  Validates or offers additional considerations that are derived from my particular experience in:

. marketing strategy

. new product development, innovation platforms

. strategic partnerships, acquisitions, co-branding

. digital media & technology; social platforms

. consumer trends, experience, adoption

. sector and/or category nuances, challenges

. shopper merchandising & promotion

. performance metrics, ROI

Flexible in terms of scope, collaborating with your internal teams and external partner firms/agencies; opportunity for me to leverage my own network of colleagues in specialty areas. 

Deliverables may include a formal presentation and/or a report -- or another customized deliverable as mutually agreed, including

integration with strategic partners/agencies, research firms and/or key accounts.



You provide the requirements, business needs, operational challenges, and general budget --- and I’ll deliver realistic, scalable, in-scope ideas in the form of a list with descriptions, as well as the competencies required to implement.  Turnaround time varies by the breadth of the requirements, yet most can be delivered within 2-4 weeks, especially when access is granted to internal documentation and shared learning. 

Whether the goal is for a core 1-3 ideas, or a wide net across white space and category adjacencies for 10-20 ideas, this approach is a proven tool in breaking through ideation logjams as well as fueling innovation platforms for strategic planning & talent retention.

Based upon needs, the deliverable can then serve as the foundation for naming project teams and leading the kickoff sessions.


Ecosystem Design

Expertise in understanding your business, while practicing brand stewardship and contextualizing consumer/market trends, adoption, and needs states to design effective ecosystem constructs that deliver the desired brand experience, consistently and profitably.  Identifies the appropriate strategic and tactical partners, as well as key influencers critical for performance success.  If appropriate, able to design and collect stakeholder input; flexible to work autonomously, as well as collaboratively with ongoing teams and partner organizations.

Investment Branding

Analogous with Investment Banking; focuses on connecting brands that make sense for developing breakthrough consumer products and brand experiences.  Based on diligence around consumer needs and future white space market opportunities identification.  Leverages proprietary relationships and community involvement across the technology, FMCG, pharma, retail, film/entertainment, media, apparel, and venture cap industries.  Currently provide expert opinion in these sectors for various investment banking companies as well as research firms.

S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S  





Proprietary metrics for quantifying the brand performance output generated by social media, communities, groups, tribes, affinity networks, and shopper promotion tools - on and off-line - based upon digitally centric living and integrated consumer experiences with one another, and their brands.  SocialMETS   is a proprietary platform that provides holistic understanding of consumers, brands, media, retail, and social channels with hard and soft insights detailed in quantitative, qualitative, and financial reporting tools that can easily be applied in business forecasting, planning, & operational execution in market.  In addition to the core metrics, we work with our clients in developing new, customized metrics appropriate for not only optimizing their business performance, but also for providing common denominator values for their respective data/intelligence systems across R&D, marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, and corporate responsibility.  SocialMETS complements the core Dynamic Brand Capacity   (DBC) brand engine performance measurement & insights solution.





Proprietary consumer insights grounded in the latest adoption, preference, usage, and influence within their daily living that continues to be digitally-centric - whether at home, at work, at school, and/or at social venues.  Integrates quant, quali, ethno, anthro, and culture methodologies through the lens of product (or service) capabilities that truly delight consumers and drive them to tell others, buy more, and advocate brands.  Learning deliverables provide input to new product development teams, as well as advertising/media/PR/social agency partners for leading global brands.  At the category level, and in many cases the local level, this work provides input to retail organizations for their shopper innovation merchandising & promotion platforms.