PRINCIPAL Amy Drill  continues to steward global brand growth opportunities through specialized expertise in the discipline of Front-End Marketing Innovation (FEMI).


A veteran in New Product Development at global consumer products companies, Amy created and applies her approach that integrates the business & channel commercial growth strategy, consumer/marketplace insights discovery, and brand experience design to inform brand engagement & activation that delivers incremental revenue and measurable brand breakthrough.


A former Innovation & New Products lead at Nike, Pepsi, Unilever, and health startup Medscape/WebMD with tenure in Media, Amy has navigated and understands client-side business operations and integrating Marketing with effective alignment across Sales, R&D, Research, IT, Supply Chain and Finance.  As business lead, she led her Integrated Marketing partner agencies in Creative, Digital, Social, Search, PR, Shopper, Packaging, & Promotion to ensure holistic alignment and enthusiastic collaboration.  She specializes in writing & delivering Briefs that inspire her respective partners to do their best work and attract/retain top talent.


As an extension to her own expertise, Amy has a robust network of innovation technology & content development partners with whom she identifies exciting opportunities that optimize the respective strengths and goals for ideal “fit”.  Her personal relationships ensure win-win partnering for pilot testing, learning, emerging tech test-n-learns, innovation governance & tools, and off-site immersion sessions.  Amy offers broad business acumen across categories and brands in CPG, Healthcare, Pharma, Apparel/Footwear, Luxury Goods, Technology, and the Performing Arts.  She is continually intrigued by the gift and responsibility of technology, and in so doing, enjoys working with fellow global souls who are energized by all that is possible and purposeful while maintaining the utmost in transparency and consideration for that which is entrusted to us as leaders.


In addition to her professional contribution, she serves as an Adjunct Instructor with New York University, and continues her advanced work in Applied Visual Digital Technologies (3D, HD, 360), Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR and bots.  She serves as a local member across numerous non-profit organizations such as Echoing Green, Robin Hood Foundation, and the ASPCA.


A frequent industry & corporate keynote speaker, Amy is an active citizen of such leading innovation communities such as TED, e-g, GDC, Project Genesis, Core77, Edge, NYTM, Grammy Recording Association, Women In Technology, FEI, and EIG Venture Association.  She holds a B.S. in Communications from Boston University, and is currently writing her first book, The Innovation Cocktail. Her personal interests include opera, SCUBA, animals, and hockey.  Having lived in many wonderful places, she currently resides in New York City.



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